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  • bvndia:

    You know when people talk about the whole “emotional rollercoaster” thing.

    I’m literally riding up front with no barrier.

    After a morning of absolute hell and bad news I found myself cornered in the hallway, torturing myself with a million different scenarios as I was being repeatedly told “it’s going to be ok”

    As far as I was concerned, it wasn’t going to be ok. That was it..

    After laying drained and lifeless on the decking I realised just how tiny I am. I’m on one point surrounded by so much land and space, so many different people and places and I had already decided that the days that follow this day are worth fuck all and that every minute that follows is hopeless and miserable. 

    After some self reasurance and a little bit of a mood lift after realising the world is fucking huge and I can’t let one little speck ruin my whole life….I was then given more bad news and quite frankly, I don’t know what to do. I really fucking don’t.

    As much as I’m trying to pick myself back up there’s another hit coming my way. I’ve never felt so confused and scared 

    Your eyes are fucking beautiful! stay strong princess, you’ve got this!

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